Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's done

Jonathan's life book is done! It came in the mail today. Yes!

If you are an adoptive parent  and want to make one for your child I highly recommend using the book, Before You Were Mine by Susan Te Bos  and Carissa Woodwyk.  
It was hard enough for me to make Jake and Elyse's baby books and I was present for their early years. The idea of completing Jonathan's Life book was intimidiating. Before You Were Mine gave not only great ideas on how to begin the book,  but also a way to help organize everything I wanted to include. The authors helped me with what to say when I didn't know parts of J's story. I wanted to honor Js first three years and those who were apart of his story, Before You Were Mine helped me to do that. I'm super excited with how it turned out. 

He is so proud of it.

We have already read it twice. 

In the interest of keeping it real...he was just as excited about the orange Shutterfly box as his book! As you can see he has put the box to good use! I know though, in the future this book and the story of his life in Uganda will be so important to him! 

happy hump day! 

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