Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August bookshelf

This isn't the kind of book you pick up and finish in a month but we are starting this in August so it made the list. This book is a question of the day 3 year  journal. We plan to use it with all the kids at dinner each night to spark conversation. It's a great way to get to know our kids better and a great piece of history on our kids. 

I am really excited to read this book. James and Thomas, both fathers of boys and therapists, cover the five stages of a boy's development. They also give practical advise and tips on how to talk with our boys about the tough topics like sex, drugs and pornography. The authors also discuss the different roles moms and dads have in guiding our sons to become men. 

The title says it all. Give Them Grace is about parenting our kids with the gospel. It's not about raising good kids, it's about raising kids who are in love with Jesus and changed by the gospel. I need to read this book as much for me as I do for my children. 

This book I've been told reads more like a long blog post than a parenting book. I'm excited to laugh and cry with Melanie as she shares the ups and downs of motherhood! 


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