Monday, July 15, 2013

good reads and summer fun

This Bible study on Galatians by Tim Keller is just what I needed. 

"It's very common in Christian circles to assume that "the gospel" is  something mainly for non-Christians.  We see it as a set of basic "ABC" doctrines that are the way in which someone enters the kingdom of God.  We often assume that once we're converted, we don't need to hear or study or understand the gospel-we need more advanced material.
But in this short letter, Paul outlines the bombshell truth that the gospel is the A to Z of Christian life.  It is not only the way to enter the kingdom; it is the way to live as part of the kingdom. It is the way Christ transforms people, churches and communities."
-Tim Keller

This post.  Challenges me and makes me think!  Zack Hunt reminds me to line up my thinking with Jesus not with a political party.

Solving Poverty is Rocket Science.  Thought provoking article from Rich Stearns on poverty and the American church's response.   Rich Stearns is the president of World Vision.  The church in America wants to help those in poverty, but alot of times our helping  actually ends up hurting the very people we are trying to help.  Rich Stearns offers a new model for serving those in developing nations. He challenges us to change!  Great insights and wisdom. 

Summer photo scavenger hunt.  What a great idea to keep the kids busy this summer.  You can go to Debi's blog to learn more.

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