Friday, July 19, 2013

high five on Friday

The sun has finally come out here in NC. We have had a rainy summer. Sun=pool and good times! They were waiting on adult swim to be over!

We were blessed to be able see old friends this week. These two were buddies in Uganda. I'm  so thankful they can continue their friendship here in NC.

I love smoothies. Here is a great new recipe I tried this week. More can be found at simplegreensmoothies.

This prayer! Jason and I want our kids to have great lives but more importantly than our kids being comfortable is that they know and experience more of God.  

 In our country right now there is a lot of talk about racism. This article Meet The Racists is the best one I've read so far on the topic.  It is  is full of wisdom, common sense and grace. Please take the time to read this article and think about what Grace has written. 

Happy Friday!

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