Friday, July 29, 2011

Diapers? Please Help!!

Another Holt (our adoption agency) family is about to head over to UG for their court date and they are going to bless the children and workers at their son's and J's orphanage with cloth diapers.   They have very little diapers there right now and not to be gross but the kiddos just go in their pants. Would you please help?  You can go to their blog and they have an Amazon Wishlist all set up. You don't even have to ship them to the Boltes...Amazon will do that for you!   You can also just donate money using the paypal link.  J is one of those babies who will benefit from this...would you please consider it?  Thank you!!



  1. Thank you friend! I cannot wait for our boys to have diapers : )

  2. Tracy,
    Do you know when they are leaving?

  3. I just ordered one in honor of your sweet boy! Thanks for letting us know. Love you!

  4. I have some cloth diapers already that I would love to send! I had so many saved up for Ethiopia that I couldn't get them all over with me - I've been slowly sending batches with friends who've gone over. But I would love to send some to those sweet little Uganda bottoms too! :)

    Let me know where to ship! :)