Friday, February 17, 2012

Whoever You Are

I can't believe another month has passed.   And yes we are still waiting on a court date.  Each day I check  email a hundred times hoping there is something from our agency but not yet!  Thank you for the prayers and please keep praying!  We can't wait to meet J and it is hard to believe that he is almost a two and half years old.  We pray that we don't have to miss too much more of his life!  This month we bought the book Whoever You Are by Mem Fox to add to Js library.  The book shows that though children may look different, live in different places and speak different languages they all have the same needs and are the same even if  they do look different from each other!

Have a great weekend!



  1. yea! another ugandan family! we are getting our affidavit ready and hope to go get our baby very soon. how long have you been waiting for your court date? oh say it ain't long!

  2. Oh Cari we are probably not the ones to ask about waiting...UGH! We have been waiting since the begininning of December for our court date! We are praying we get one this month or next!!

  3. We love Mem Fox around here! :)