Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting ready!

The countdown has started.  We will be leaving three weeks from today! This will be the first of two trips that we  take to UG to complete the adoption.  On this first trip we will appear before the court.  We will then travel home and wait to hear the ruling from the judge. Other families with our agency have traveled  for the 2nd trip about a month to six weeks later.  It will be a quick turn around for us but we welcome it!  Honestly it is still very surreal to us.  We have booked tickets, made reservations, started to pack, started to gather donations for AFC and filled our malaria and antibiotic prescriptions but it is still hard to believe that it is going to happen.  After looking at a picture of J for the last 16 months we are going to actually be able to meet him!

While this is exciting for us and we have been waiting for this day for so is not quite the same for J.  He will be meeting us for the first time and he hasn't been staring at our photo for over a year like we have with him.  Please pray for all of us as we meet for the first time.  We honestly have it easy...he is coming into our world, we don't have to give up all that is familiar to us but he will have to do that.  Adoption is beautiful and it is an earthly picture of God's redemptive work in our lives but nevertheless it is born out of loss.  Please pray for J as this transition begins.  Pray for the nannies who work so tirelessly at his orphanage  taking such good care of the kiddos who will soon be saying goodbye to him. Pray for our family and for both of the trips that we will be taking to bring him home!  We are so thankful for the prayers that have  already been offered up on behalf of our family!   You are all a blessing to us!



  1. So happy for you! I can remember being at this point, 3 weeks out, and getting super excited...and slightly scared:) praying for safe and good flights and a quick turnaround!!

  2. So excited for you all. I know things will be fine. Just rest in Him Tracy and do it all in His strength. Can't wait to hear all the details. Love ya!

  3. I'm excited for all of you! Prayers for safe travels and that J's little heart will feel the love of his family.