Friday, October 21, 2011

It has been a year!

It was a year ago today we applied to Holt's Waiting Child program to become J's parents.  In the days that followed we received all the information that Holt had on J and we were asked to review it and let them know if we would like to interview to adopt him. We knew even before we received any info on him that we wanted him in our family.  It was hard to read about all that had happened to him in just his first year of life, and to know that he had already experienced more in that short time than most of us will go through in our entire lives. But at the same time we saw how God was already taking care of him and providing for him, and that was incredible!  Our interview with Holt was set for mid November so Jason and I began filling out the questionnaires (so many questions!!) and scheduling our home-study.  Our interview ended up getting pushed back to the first week in December. The six weeks that went by as we waited to interview for J were not easy but as we have learned God has been at work in each step of this process even though we may not see it with our eyes! 
This is the first picture we saw of J!  Wish I could show his face! :) Soon!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi there, we are just beginning now where you were a year ago with Holt. We are waiting to be interviewed to see if we could be a potential family for a boy we have already fell in love with. So hard to wait, I know he will end up with the family God has for him. would love to be in contact..

  2. Hey girlie. Thinking of you always. No matter how far away we are or how new of friends our hearts are forever bonded b/c of this beautiful thing called Adoption.