Tuesday, October 11, 2011

cars, trucks, and preschool

Last night we got two new pictures and an update on J!  He is doing well.  His vocabulary is growing and he is able to point and name many different objects. Of course, he is learning in Lugandan not English.  His favorite toys are cars and trucks...he loves to drive them around.  Typical boy!  And, we learned that he will soon be heading off to the Early Childhood Development Center for school!

We love getting updates on him but, at the same time it makes us realize how much of his life we are missing out on. We want to be the ones teaching him new words and getting to play cars and trucks with him and loving on him. But we continue to wait and we are not alone in waiting.  There are other families waiting for their kiddos too. Would you please pray for them also?  God knows who they are!

Thank you so much for your prayers!!


  1. Waiting alongside you and praying for all of us. Miss you girlie. Talk to you soon.

  2. I know you are!! Love you friend. Miss you too! :)