Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This season of Lent, this time of fasting has changed me and  reminded me of my absolute need for Jesus. Not the Jesus that I put in a box or the one that we clean up for church. No, I need the Jesus...

who got messy

who touched the Leper

who included the outcasts

who came to serve not to be served

who was more concerned with the heart than performance

who ate with sinners

who was humble

who loved perfectly

who called, Judas, a friend knowing all the time what he was going to do

who obeyed to the point of death

who hung on a cross between two men and loved one enough to save him and loved the other enough to let him choose

who took all of my depravity and swallowed it, so that I could share in his inheritance

“Lord Jesus, well beyond this current season of Lent, continue to smite my heart with more of your glory and your grace. I want to boast much more in your righteousness than in my being right. Strengthen my heart with your grace. Continue to feed me from the altar in the tabernacle of the gospel. Though I know you only in part, you know me perfectly, and that is enough.”
- Scotty Smith

He is Risen!!

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