Monday, May 2, 2011

And... It's Off!!

Today, two important things happened in the process: first, we received the official notice of the pre-approval of J's visa, and second, now that we have recieved that, we were able to FINALLY send off the final package of paperwork that will make its' way over to Uganda!  Woohoo!!  It is first sent to our adoption agency, and then they send it to Washington, D.C., where it passes through the State Department and then off it goes!

So, please pray for a quick trip for this package.  Once this package is received in Uganda, a probation officer is sent to make a visit to actually see the child being adopted.  We've heard and seen that this doesn't  always happen right away, even if the information has been there for a few days, even weeks.  The probation officer visit is important because that's really all that stands in the way of the paperwork actually getting to the courts and them scheduling a hearing for us.  Also, wouldn't you know it, the courts will actually shut down for the whole month of July.    


T-shirts came today!!  For those who ordered t-shirts you'll be receiving those in the mail shortly!  And, thank you again for buying one!  We hope you like them!



  1. got the t-shirt on friday, wore it on saturday and got lots of comments about it! :)