Friday, August 23, 2013

fall craft

I recently made a  book page pumpkin and apple for craft night at Julia's cafe. I thought I would share the tutorial on here. Its easy, quick and super cute! 

Supplies needed  are red and orange spray paint, soft cover book (1 book for apple and one for pumpkin), pencil, scissors, glue gun, small sticks from yard, ribbon/twine and template for each. 

I used card stock to make the templates. 

Take off the front and back cover of the book. Lay the template against the spine of the book and trace around it. This is the apple template.

This is  the pumpkin template. 

Trace around template. Take five or six pages at a time and cut out around the shape. 

Once you have cut out the pages, carefully pull them away from the spine. 

Take the template and start all over. 

Trace, cut and repeat. I love easy crafts! 

This is what it looks like all cut out.  Before I began fanning the pages, I trimmed  the pages to be a little more even. 

Take the last page and glue it to the first page. 

Take the book pages and start spreading them apart. The two books I used I bought at a used bookstore. The books had not been read so I had to do a lot of fanning. Next time I will look for books with more wear and tear on them. I roughed up my book pages by folding and scrunching them a bit.

I kept working on it until it was full and I got the look I desired.  Fan, scrunch, wrinkle and repeat.

Once the apple and pumpkin were fanned out. I spray painted the edges. I took the small sticks I found in our yard and hot glued them on to the top and attached ribbon/twine. I also hot glued the ribbon and twine to the apple and pumpkin. This is the final product.

Have a great weekend! 

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