Sunday, May 19, 2013

good reads and ideas...and a way to help others

This. is. a. must. read. Wise words for moms of daughters from Emily over at Chatting at the Sky.

I can't read Sara Barton's blog and not be encouraged, challenged or learn something. I met Sara in Uganda. She was on the mission team in Jinja that we were able to spend a summer with while we were in college.  She talks about Praising God when we realize we have been wrong... who wants to do that?  Who wants to even admit that?!! Sara talks about this topic with grace and wisdom. This post is well worth your time...

Thriving Families has a great activity to do with your kids this summer. Around The World in 60 Days covers 27 different countries on six continents. In each day is included a Bible lesson and a glimpse into another culture. Included in the printables is a passport and stamps along with a world map.

Reading...we all know how important it is to the development of our children. If you have about six hours to spare this summer then I have an opportunity for you.  I learned about the YMCA's Y Readers program through our church. This is the second summer our church has partnered with the Y Readers volunteer program. Have you heard of it? We take summer reading for our kids for granted.  Of course they'll be reading books during the summer break, right?  But, do you know that many children go home for the summer to homes that have no books?  They won't visit the library or Barnes and Noble.  They won't sit down with a book at all this summer.  Research shows that children who do not read during the summer months lose 2.5 months of reading proficiency. The students the YMCA helps through these literacy camps are the students who attend Title 1 schools. These students need help and the Y has stepped up to bridge the gap for them. The Y needs volunteers, too. They need volunteers to commit to one hour a week, for six weeks, to listen to a child read and then read to a child. That's it! It's practicing justice right here in our own backyard. This program was started in Charlotte and has expanded nationwide. If you live in the Charlotte area you can contact Michelle Mosko at to volunteer. If you don't live in Charlotte you can contact your local YMCA to see if they participle in the Y readers program. You can also go here and here to read about the Y Readers.

Happy Monday!

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