Monday, April 22, 2013

Nehemiah and a few other things

“As soon as I heard these words I sat down and wept and mourned for days, and I continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven.”
Nehemiah 1:4

Jason and I have been listening to Matt Chandler's sermon series on Nehemiah. Chandler challenges us to move out of our complacency and into action.  He points out that Nehemiah isn't descriptive it is prescriptive.  Nehemiah shows us how we are to respond to the hurting in our world.  You can go to The Village Church website and listen to the podcasts for each of the sermons. The first sermon  ( Empathy and Human Flourishing) in this series is on page 2 of the list of podcasts.  There is also a study guide that you can download for personal use.

This video.  Definitely worth your time to watch. Ben is a life changed.  He was raised in Korogocho, the third largest slum in Kenya. Today, because of Compassion's involvement in his life, Ben and his wife, Stephanie, sponsor 4 kids through Compassion.  If you are not a Compassion sponsor...please consider sponsoring a child!  Our family is  so blessed by our sponsored children, more than we will ever bless them. Jesus has changed us through sponsorship.

Laundry...did you know that just by buying laundry detergent you could help a family with adoption expenses. Hope Suds is made by the Cheeky Maiden Soap Co.  It is all natural, smells great and can be used in HE washers or just regular old washing machines.  Since we all have to do laundry and we all have to buy laundry detergent...why not make it count for something and help to make a difference?  50% of each sale goes to the family of the month.  

Poverty tourism...a good article by Kent Annan.  "But if the longest lasting result of my working or visiting a place with much suffering, is that I feel a little better about my own life...well, then I've probably exploited people struggling with poverty even more than they're being exploited already."

Happy Monday!

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