Monday, May 21, 2012

It's happening right now...

The coolest silent auction is going on right now.  My friend, Megan, has put together an incredible auction to benefit Naomi's future family.  Naomi is a sweet little girl who has been waiting for a family to adopt her and my good friend Meg is working so hard to find her family!  Go over to The Sweet Naomi blog and check out all of the cool items.
Just check out a few of these items:

There are so many other great things up for auction like Ethiopian coffee, necklaces, and purses/bags.  Please go check it out.

Or you can  just donate to Naomi's FIG account.  Have you heard of a FIG account?  I didn't understand it very well until Meg explained it.  I have just copied her explanation because she worded it so perfectly.

So I realized I did not explain what a FIG fund was very well. The FIG program is a program through Project Hopeful. Project Hopeful educates and advocates for orphans with HIV, and other special needs.

FIG stand for “Family In the Gap”. We are committing to being that family for Naomi for a short time until her adoptive family finds her!

Zechariah 3:10 In that day, declares the Lord of hosts, every one of you will invite his neighbor to sit under his vine and under his fig tree.

“Throughout the Bible, the fig tree is a literal as well as symbolic fixture. Its name, ‘Te-enah’ figuratively means to ‘spread out’, giving the sense of safety and security. In this same way the Project Hopeful FIG Program exists to provide safety and security for the orphan by bridging the gap between where the child is, an orphanage, and where the child yearns to be, in a family. Each
FIG member will cover their child in prayer, advocate for a permanent family, and raise funds to help make it possible

We feel a special responsibility to God to care for orphans and to support families called to the adoption of these children. It is our dream and vision that NO child affected by HIV or other severe special need is waiting for their forever home due to ignorance or lack of funding. By becoming a FIG member you join with Project HOPEFUL in refusing to forget the children left behind.”

We are committing to pray for, fundraise for, advocate for and educate for Naomi.

The FIG fund (or the fundraising piece) is set-up to help remove the barrier of finances from a family saying “yes” to Naomi! Finances are the biggest barrier next to fear in keeping children from being adopted.

Here is the link to donate to her FIG fund!


If you don't want to bid on anything from the silent auction, would you consider making a donation to Project Hopeful for Naomi?


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