Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Family for Eve

My dear friend, Jenn, sent J a wonderful book this month!  A Family for Eve by Kristan Keefe Struck  is the story of a little chick who needs a family.  Hank the houndhog and the other farm animals know just the family for her.  They call for Cleo, the cat, who is a mommy to three kittens, a bunny, and a duck! The story shows how their family is formed and the questions that Eve asks when another farm animal, Gracie, the goat gives birth.  The story of Eve and Cleo is a great way to start conversations about adoption and how your family was created!  This book has been described as the perfect bridge book to help your child move to the next level in their questions. I not only love the sweet story in this book but also that it can be used for domestic or international adoption.  Looking forward to the day when I can read this to J!

Whether born in a heart or born in a tummy, a mommy is a mommy who always loves you! 



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