Friday, March 9, 2012

War Dance

If you have been on facebook or twitter or watched the news the last couple of days I am sure you have heard about  Joseph Kony, the LRA  and Invisible Children. Kony  has actually been around for the last 26 years spreading his horror first in  Northern Uganda among the Acholi people and then on to Sudan, the Congo and the Democratic African Republic.  If you want resources and  information you can go here  for a list! 

But, all the while this focus is on Kony and trying to catch him, it is easy to lump all of the victims together and not realize their individual stories.  The children affected by this war and the ones who are still affected by it have never been nor ever will be invisible to his or her family or village.  War Dance is a beautiful  documentary film about three Acholi children ( Rose, Dominic, and Nancy who have experienced the war first hand) who live in Patongo ( a refugee camp in Northern Uganda) who along with their school, work tirelessly to win the biggest event of the year in Uganda.  The National Music Competition involves over 20,000 schools in UG but only one school goes home with the prize.  It is incredibly humbling to watch and listen to them tell their stories.  Despite the odds these children rebuild their lives and show what can truly be achieved in the face of unspeakable trajedy. If you want to help children like Rose, Dominic and Nancy World Vision has a center in Gulu, Uganda. 


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