Thursday, November 17, 2011


My friend, Shellie, gave J a book this month to add to his collection.  The Little Engine That Could is one of the best children's books!  He is one loved little boy and we can't wait for him to know that!

I know I have shared about Compassion's Bite Back program before.  The Bite Back program helps children and families prevent and treat malaria.  I wrote a whole post about malaria because J had it recently.  This past week I have once again been reminded of how we are so blessed in this country by our access to healthcare and is a gift that I take for granted.  I have spent time in the hospital this week with my Mom.  She is about to have heart surgery.  We were totally taken by surprise by her condition.  However, I am so thankful that we can walk into a clean hospital with doctors and nurses who will do whatever they can to help treat us and improve and correct our condition.  This week we have never had to worry about whether medicine would be available for her.  We haven't had to worry about anything in regards to her care.  I am so thankful for that.  But it has made me want to advocate even more for those who don't have the gift of healthcare or medicine.  For just $10 you can save the life of a child and help a Mom or Dad have medicine to give their child. Malaria kills 2,000  children each day.  So would you please join us this month and give to Compassion to help fight malaria?  You can go here and donate.


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