Friday, June 10, 2011

Leaves of Love

I recently read the book, No Ordinary Home, The Art of Christ Centered Homemaking by Carol Brazo.  In the book she talks about having items in your home that remind you of God's faithfulness in specific seasons of your life.  We may have never seen more of God's faithfulness than in this season of our family’s life!  So, on that note, I have been really thinking and praying about what I wanted to do to document all of the love and support we have received throughout the whole adoption process so far.  I have thought of so many things, but nothing really seemed to hit the mark until I came across Leaves of Love, and when I saw it I knew that was what I had been looking for!  Also, when you purchase from Leaves of Love you are helping another adoptive family bring home their is a win-win situation!  Now we have everyone’s name on a "leaf" on the tree that has supported us through prayers, financially or with encouraging words.  This will be something that our family can cherish forever and be able to share with J as he gets older!  A testament to God's faithfulness! Every time I look at it I can't help but well up with tears thinking of the beautiful body of Christ coming together to obey God's call to care for the orphans.

Here is our tree!  I love it! (Can you make out the continent of Africa in the middle of the top of the tree?)

Please keep praying for speed in the process!  A dear friend who is in the process of adopting called me today to remind  me that God knows the beginning and He knows the end...he has already seen when J will be home and to rest in his provision!  He’s plenty big enough to take care of it all.  Beautiful thoughts…. Thank you, Rachel! So, we are resting in God's provision knowing that He holds every step of this in his hands! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I saw that hanging up yesterday and meant to take a closer look. So beautiful!

  2. I love going to be ordering one. How wonderful to symbolize all the love in our "family" which is so big!

  3. Hi Tracy!!

    So, my name is Angela and my husband and I are the adopting family who co-founded Leaves of Love! I LOVE your tree and I am SO happy to see if full of fingerprints. I just wanted to give you a huge THANKS for supporting us and helping bring our little one home :-)

    God bless!!!

  4. Love this tree! How adorable and what a keepsake!